Heavy Lift Designed, Constructed, and Installed

Heavy Lift Designed, Constructed, and Installed

Nasb Niroo Co. has successfully designed, constructed, and installed the Heavy Lift mechanism.
At the time that MAPNA Group was engineering and constructing Class F turbines, Nasb Niroo Co. as the executive branch of this group has started the required planning for relocating and installing these types of turbines and generators. Due to operative limitations and costly use of heavy lifts, the appropriate mechanism for relocating Class F & E steam turbines and generators was chosen under these circumstances. In fact, by examining technical schemes and documents of known foreign constructors, it was decided to design and construct the lift by relying on the existing capacities in the country.
From August 2017, examination and designation have been started, and by December of the same year, relying on the newly-gained knowledge, equipment, and machinery, and with precise quality control in every part, Heavy Lift building was manufactured in Nasb Niroo Co. located in Arak Kheir Abad Industrial Park. At the same time, to provide required jack strands, we purchased four Enerpac jacks (HSL-2000), with a capacity of 200 tons each. Despite other jacks of the same systems, these jacks can be controlled automatically which leads to the least operative risk in case of relocating.

In September 2018, with the least error in design and construction, Heavy Lift was assembled in the BOO power plant of Asaluyeh. Though the control system for the Jacks was updated and complex, relying on the knowledge of engineers of the country, in 10 days, the Enerpac jacks were examined and successfully installed.

For successful designing, supplying, constructing, assembling, and installing the heavy-lift mechanism by Nasb Niroo Co., with an SGS Company license we gained our reward. Consequently, the turbine and generator of the second unit of BOO power plant in Asaluyeh were installed with a MAPNA-built mechanism, and another achievement was recorded in MAPNA Group history.
It is worth noting that, regarding the value and sensitivity of location and installation, the turbine and generator are of the most valuable equipment in power plants, and installing them on the foundation is one of the most important projects in the power plant industry.

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